GOiMRS2000 Complete Package

Custom Membership Site · Adwords Campaign · CRM Integration · Lead Generation

Kenroy Simmons is a licensed health and wellness educator currently using his website to drive traffic to sell his products and services alongside a secondary network marketing business. GOiMRS2000 is a unique client of ours wherein we created a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to his custom-built website integrated with a customized CRM (client relationship manager). Inside his website, we created a member’s only section for him to track prospects and follow up with them using a combined email and social media marketing campaign. On top of his website, GOiMRS2000 became a full-scale project from the beginning, which meant a logo design, creation of mission and branding statements, photography, videography, podcasting, SEO-infused custom landing pages, eBook production and lastly, lead generation.

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