The times have changed in terms of business. While there are some companies that are household names, the average person is not going to be able to compete with them. That includes you, and your business endeavors. With that in mind, you may want to take advantage of a shift that could help you turn your financial and business future around for the better. For instance, you could turn your name into a brand, and reap an incredible amount of benefits as a result. If you’re not sure about this, take a few notes that will help you turn your name into something that could very well more valuable than just coming up with another business name, and hope that there is no competition.

The Faceless Company Is Dying

Believe it or not, but the large company and business model that people used to strive for is dying. Look at business failures today, and you’ll see that there’s a major reason why they are falling apart. The reason is that they are “faceless” is because there’s a hierarchy that is in place, that is impersonal.

Compare that to the look and attention that comes with a real name. If you turn your name into your brand or business name, you’re going to find that you will be able to showcase that people are dealing with someone personable, and “real”. They won’t feel as though they are dealing with a faceless, nameless, robotic company that doesn’t care about people over profits.

The Increase of Marketing With A Simple Face

Social media advertising has boomed in recent years, and you’ll find those conversion ratios improve when there are a name and face, instead of a company brand, or even affiliate marketing element. Researchers have found that social networking, including Facebook marketing, garner higher click-through ratios, and much more by simply adding specific names, faces, and company elements that are not just a “business entity”. Real names will convert better, and marketing becomes easier to manage.

Names Create Personality and Personality Sells

Take a page out of the bigger companies that get buzz online. Think about marketing that companies like “Old Spice” has done, and you’ll see that companies are using faces, names, and personality to sell their products, including celebrity endorsement. Names create a personality, and that personality always sells. From pizza to deodorant to shoes and more, names and personalities rank higher in the minds of consumers than just company naming conventions.

People Are Assets To Large Companies

Even if you’re not looking to get a 9 to 5, you will find that your freelancing credentials will grow by using a real name compared to working for a business entity. People today get more attention from social media profiles such as those on LinkedIn by using their own name instead of highlighting a company that they have worked for. The reason for this is that companies find themselves looking for individuals to help their workflow, and rates rise to new levels. People are more likely to respond to individuals than they are too big corporations, especially in today’s frenetic, competitive marketplaces.