When it comes to marketing, you cannot do it all yourself. Sure, you can do a lot of it yourself, but if you look at the time that it takes to be successful with this on your own, you will not make it long term. People that are successful online, and through other means of marketing, outsource a lot. If you want to make moves, you’ll need to get to a point where you are balancing the things you do on your own and the things that you outsource outright. With that in mind, consider the following elements that you may want to do on your own and the things that you will want to hire someone to help you with. These are all based on time and cost. When something takes up too much of your time, it’s important to get help.

Outsource Communication Tasks

When you are doing a great deal of writing to promote products and services, you may run out of time. You may not be able to post a blog, or an article, then follow up on the analytics, comments, and much more that comes through publishing. In order to streamline this, you should let someone else handle certain tasks related to communication after you publish your posts. Things like replying to comments, moderating spam, adding SEO elements to your posts, and even publishing itself can be something that you can ask someone else to do. You can write it all, you could work on various elements, but you don’t have to see it all through, you can help on the other end of the publishing spectrum.

Social Media Elements

The best way to gain a huge following on social media sites is to stay on them for a long time. If you are there when something breaks, and you tag yourself in during a trending topic, you’ll start to see more followers. But how can you get into the trending areas, without being on the social network all the time? That’s something that many people struggle with. You can’t just sit on social sites every day, all day, but you can hire someone to do a great deal of the work for you. Outsource social media projects such as gaining followers, posting on schedule, uploading videos, liking, sharing, and commenting on posts, and more. The more menial the task on social networks, the less time you should be spending on it. However, others should do it for you.

Offsite SEO

A big part of the SEO spectrum involves doing things away from your website. You may not be able to do this, as it is time consuming. For instance, you can’t really work with back-link creation at all hours. That involves posting elements in comments of other sites, submitting wiki citations, posting on forums, and other elements of optimization that requires time and effort. Instead of trying to do all of this, hire someone to do it for you. Let them worry about the elements of SEO that you can’t control on your website. The more you let someone else help you with search engine optimization and marketing channels, the wider the reach you’ll have.

Reputation Management

With the rise of review sites, your business will eventually get targeted for review. You can’t control what someone thinks of your page, but you can control how your reputation is seen online after the fact. Reputation management is tricky. You can’t just bribe your way into getting good reviews. You also can’t control a lot of the elements of marketing outside of your own page. However, you can hire someone to help you not only position yourself in a favorable area online, but it can also help you filter trolls, get more positive feedback, and get proper reviews on trusted sites. This is a full-time job sometimes, so it’s imperative that you don’t try to tackle it all yourself.

Coding and Web Design

There’s no reason why you should be doing raw code, or updates in SEO coding today. It’s time consuming, and it can break your site fast. There’s no use tinkering with PHP, HTML, and XML. Instead, hire someone to do it, and you’ll be able to free up your time overall. Unless you’re a web designer, don’t do the design and coding of your page, you’ll waste a lot of time, and it won’t be that good.

What Can You Do?

In regards to DIY, there’s a lot that you can do. You can write articles, blog posts, work on email marketing, certain aspects of social media, and so much more. However, monitor your time like we do with T-Sheets and see how much effort it takes for you to do certain tasks. You may find it’s just easier to outsource. Don’t outsource everything, as you should work hands on with certain elements of your business.

Thank you for your attention!

Time is a grossly underestimated factor in marketing. Use your time wisely and keep a PDF copy of this blog to refer back to and save yourself time!