If you’re going to make money online, you will need to work with social media. Network marketers that can push forward with social media will see a huge jump in sales, and traffic. Ignore these pages and you will not see any progression in what you’re doing. If you’re going to make moves today, the following should help you make the right decisions.

The following guide will help you dissect which social media site you should use for certain marketing elements. Not every piece of collateral you push forward will give you the same results. There are ups and downs associated with each solution, so consider the following breakdown to help you guide your next step.

Facebook "facebook screen"

The biggest site is that of Facebook. There are nearly 2 billion people on this site and it’s the biggest option that you are going to want to pursue. This is a great overall solution that you will want to pursue. You can get a lot of attention from posting links, images, and a combination of different things. Here’s the thing, you may be able to gain the upper hand with paid advertising. Now, you can do things organically, no doubt, but Facebook’s advertising elements has been getting rave reviews because you will be able to target nearly every demographic element outright. The most obscure of niches, location, and more, can be targeted and help you gain the upper hand. This is a great option, but it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of the numbers. Remembers, there are nearly 2 billion people on this site, it’s like an ocean, and you’re a small fish.

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The visual social media page is great for influence marketing. It’s within this site that you have to show the end of your story. The success you have should be here. If you’re promoting products to make money online, then show people that you’re succeeding. If you’re selling physical products, then show what you’re doing. Not sure about this? Consider a can opener. For Instagram, show how easy it is to open cans, by showing a broken can opener. Then show a picture of alternative ways to open a can, then show how your tool works best. Show how you’ve made a great dish with a canned good, etc. The goal is to show the greatness and failures of elements in a tangible manner. Promote things visually, and you’ll gain a lot of attention.


YouTube is huge. Marketing through this can be as simple as putting your voice to video. Don’t want to be the star? That’s okay. You can turn power point presentations into videos, you can use stock videos, you can use animation, hire people, or simply use a smartphone to help you make videos. Marketing here is as simple as being yourself, and just showing videos about your product, how to use it, where to use it, and stories about success etc. Some people rant, some people rave, and others tell visual stories and more. Investigate a few ideas online, and see what you can do to emulate others.


Pinterest is like Instagram, in a way, but it can be a bit different at the same time. Think of this like a bulletin board that’s online. You can make moves here when you simply promote different images, and stories that you find online. This can be tough at first, but your goal here is to just put up a lot of images and links to finished projects, photographs you’ve seen online and more.  This is a tough social network to crack, but you can do it, if you just focus on visual design.


With Twitter, you are limited to what you can say. To engage people here, you’ll need to share what others post (retweet), like (click the heart icon), and post as much as you can throughout your day. Just normal things can work, as you’ll need to be friendly. Over time, you can start to introduce links to what you’re working on, finished projects, and more. To get this working for you, you’ll need to spend a lot of time watching what others post, and following a lot of different people.

Be Consistent or Risk Losing Your Audience

I understand this all this information at once can be hard to digest. If you remember nothing else here, then remember this simple tip. Be consistent in posting. Post at least once a day, and keep pushing forward. The more you publish, the more people will see you, and the greater influence you’ll have. If you stop posting, or post too many self-serving links, you’ll lose your audience. The best thing you can do above all else, is engage frequently, be nice to others and share their content.

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