How do you make your business stand out? How many times have you given your sales pitch? I’m sure like the rest of us business owners, you’ve passed the point of remembering. How many sales pitches do your remember? Do you believe your pitch is worth remembering? What do you think makes yours stand out? Some may say they don’t really think they do.

I think the best way to make your business sales pitch stand out is to tell a personal story. Tell me a great story about how you got started and your vision.

Very few entrepreneurs and business professionals are aware of the power of story to persuade. Those that do have the advantage and master the art of storytelling which gives them a significant competitive advantage.Having this mindset will keep you relevant and successful through your career.

I believe that storytelling is a huge skill for one to own. Once you have a clear articulated story and a well thought-out strategy, it helps to explain why you exist. It creates an impact on one’s interest to know more about your business. Let’s go over 3 ways you can make your business stand out among your competition.

Make stories at least 65 percent of your presentation!

Tell three personal stories to reinforce the point you are trying to make. Telling your story is the secret to winning minds and hearts. Audiences want to hear facts, but they remember stories. Always give them something they can relate to, walk away with and remember.

Introduce heroes and villains!

When you have a presentation and you create a problem (villain) and a solution (hero), you have the components to pitch your products. Entrepreneurship is founded on many principles, one of which is providing a solution to the problem. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur or one-man show, this can still apply to you. As a business owner, it will bring value to your audience that when coupled with your presentation will bring you home.

If you’ve faced hardship, share it! "tell your story with Erik Remmel"

Once you’ve introduced a villain, the hero of your story must wage battle against the adversary. People don’t want to hear about your solution or your success until they know you understand their failures and struggles. Great storytellers are relatable because they share their tales of struggles, failures and hardships.

There’s a war going on — a war of ideas. Selling products, building companies and grabbing attention are increasingly difficult in this hyper-competitive global economy. Your story might very well be the secret weapon that you need to stand out.

Thank you for your attention!