Millions of dollars are going to exchange hands today. Some of this money is going to be found in brick and mortar shops, as people shop. However, there are millions of dollars that are going to be transferred via bank accounts, debit cards and more. This is nothing new, right? But the thing that you aren’t really thinking about is the fact that there are millions of dollars to be made with network marketing and social media. That’s right, social media is a major destination for making money with networking. The thing is, it’s not so simple. Allow me to teach you how to use social media with network marketing.

The Problem You Will Have With Social Media

Before getting into how to make money with social media and network marketing, we’ll highlight the biggest issue that you will have to face. What could be the problem? Well, most beginners will think social media is a place to dump links. If you approach this solution by simply dropping links to people so that they can order products or go to your landing page, you’re going to lose out. You cannot do this. This is spam, and that’s now how you’re going to make money. If you can get away from this, you are going to see that there are specific steps that you need to follow to make money online with social networks.

The Visual Side of Things (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat)

Let’s start with the visual side of things. When you think visually, you think Instagram. That’s a good thing, but here’s the biggest hurdle, you need to focus on the “story” that you’re telling. Network marketing requires you to pick a product, and promote it. How do you promote the product you’re selling? Well, that’s the tough thing. What you need to do is simple, illustrate what the product can help with. For instance, if you’re selling a wealth product (how to make money), then showcase destinations that you’re at. A selfie from the beach, a selfie from a spa, or some luxurious location can work. This little push will influence others to simply ask you questions. “How are you always on the beach, working?” is a question that marketers get often. Once they ask, you can share the link with them, and how it makes you money, etc. That’s just one idea to consider. When thinking about promoting anything visual, think about how it can enhance lives, with the ending. The ending of a story should delight, so that people get curious, and ask for links.

Ask Questions, Change Titles, Think Scrolling (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Moving forward, you should look into 3 major elements of promoting social networking online. As you build your audience, ask random questions, and focus on creating titles that answer such questions. Social media is about communication. Asking questions and answering them speaks to that element. Not only should you consider questions, you should consider titles, and images that relate to that. Remember, people use these platforms on their phones, tablets, and more, which means they are going to be scrolling. You have to tie your title to a compelling image, and even a question so that people that are scrolling think, and not just scroll past. You must really think about how you are posting, and why, so that you can maximize the engagement of your profile.

The Right Time To Post

As you start to think about how to use social media with network marketing, consider sharing at the right time of day. You cannot know this until you start testing posts. Post things at various time during the day, as you start to gauge how people respond. Look at when you are getting comments, shares, and likes. The more you do this, the more you can gauge about interaction with the audience you have. When you start to see when you get the most reaction, start posting around that time. If you aren’t sure about any of this, or just don’t have the time, consider posting after you get off work, during your lunch break, and see what happens. Also, don’t be afraid of posting the same thing a couple of times a day to extend your message a bit.

Be Social  "facebook logo"

The big thing that you should remember about all of this is that you need to be social. You need to share what others post, comment on what they are publishing, and be social. The more sanguine you are, the more likely people will react when you post affiliate links in time. Just remember, this takes time, do NOT just post your links. Cultivate social media like you would a garden, and wait for the right time to engage with network marketing collateral.

Thank you for your attention!

When you set out to be social, do your homework! Use our downloadable PDF below as a guide for setting up your social campaigns!