Welcome to Branding 101 – How To Stand Apart From Other Companies. Without branding, you cannot create any sort of clarity of what your business does. Even personal branding is important, showing what you offer to a business over time. If you don’t work on this, or if you have a lackluster position, you will not see success in any industry. It’s for that reason that the following has been compiled. This will help you create a rock-solid brand, and figure out how to stand apart from others in your industry. With a flooded market in nearly every niche, you’ll find that these elements could very well be the difference maker in today’s marketing heavy world.

Logo Design

The first thing that you should consider is in regards to your business’s image. You need to have a proper logo design. Your logo should speak volumes about what you do. When someone sees your logo, without any writing, they should not only know what the name of your company is, but also know what you do. Think of big companies like Nike, and how they use on symbol to create a platform for nearly everything they do. Think of all the icons that you recognize today, without seeing the name brand, you know their symbols. Logo design can be powerful in that it speaks volumes about what your company does, the reputation it has, and where it is going in the near future.

Set Up Your Platforms

Once you have a logo, make sure that you set up your platforms with the image. Use this as part of your marketing collateral online. That means that you will need to use this on print marketing elements, any online profiles, and website. This should be your main image across all forms of communication online or offline. You should also make sure that you register domains, and set up all social sites with your company’s name.

Create Authority Through Content "consistent content"

The next thing that you need to do to stand out today is in regards to content. Content marketing is huge. You need to create content that is more than just writing. Writing is good, and creating articles, posting blogs, and more writing is great. However, you should also work with creating photographs, sharing videos, and possibly even getting in front of the camera and talking about what you do, some ideas on how to improve your industry, and more. Creating authority through content is how small companies like Red Bull are now synonymous with several industries. That’s just one example of how content could surpass just “one” product or service that is offered. Think about how you can tell stories with your images, videos, and even audio today.

Be Consistent (Social Media Push)

If you’re going to create a brand today, you need to be consistent with it. This means that you will be pushing out new things on a schedule. For instance, if you’re setting up a clothing brand, you’ll need to work with the fashion industry’s schedule of new releases. Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer lines should be made, for instance. If you’re in the action sports industry, you’ll need to work within the months that are most popular for that sport. If you’re going to be using social media, update your social media pages on a schedule, befriend others, share, and create. You should be on a constant cycle of creating and publishing photographs, videos, and much more. If you fall off, fail to publish or just are sporadic with what you’re releasing online, you will slowly lose your audience because others will take their attention.

Emulate The Competition (Do It Better)

When in doubt, look at what your competition is doing. Use what they do as a template for doing something better. If your main competition is making moves with video marketing, take note of what they are doing, and then do it better. Your goal is to compete with others in a way that your audience will relate to. If you don’t work with what others are successfully working with, you’ll be starting at ground zero in terms of audience. Go where your audience already is, and support what their wants and needs are based on what your competition is doing. If you can do something better, then do it, and stay consistent.
At the end of the day, branding takes on a lot of different elements. It starts with visual design, and builds with you operate your business. Today’s marketing giants use social media, graphic design, audio marketing, video marketing and so much more. You have to work within those elements, and diversify your reach in order to gain a semblance of success today. It’s a balancing act that requires a bit of attention, but will return with great influence.

Thank you for your attention!

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