Writing great content is a talent. If you have the skill-set from birth, you’re golden. It’s also okay if you don’t have the most elaborate and sophisticated writing style to attract people to your website. That’s when you hire the experts. It should be obvious to you in 2017 that content is King, with a capital K. Content boosts ratings, boosts SEO, boosts growth, boosts business! In this eBook, we’ll dissect some ways to boost yourself.

1. Originality

Whether you write the copy yourself or have a marketing rm handle the content for you, it should be original with your unique voice. Recycling the same concepts is definitely not original and not helpful. No one wants old or unusable content. If you post it, you’ll sink slowly. If what you write doesn’t bring value, then why write it in the first place? Stay afloat and stay original!

2. Solid Headlines

A good headline will invite readers to click to open the article or blog post you’ve written. Studies suggest only about 20{433307e141d05229b58ad50f0aa8561372e4002be6f3210aac0f26bee408a1dd} of readers will engage in your content. The remaining 80{433307e141d05229b58ad50f0aa8561372e4002be6f3210aac0f26bee408a1dd} will skim the headline and move on. Make your headline compelling and magnetic – pull the reader in!

3. Content Call-to-Action

Make sure your content is clear and gives your users a way to apply what you’re saying. Knowledge is power so empower them to learn through your blogs or your videos. It’s better to write to be heard than write just to write for content’s sake.

4. Provide Answers

People read, watch or absorb for one purpose: to learn and learn fast. When you create content, make sure your audience will easily find and absorb the information you’re sharing.

5. Be Accurate with Your Information

If you care about your reputation and/or the reputation of your company, you need to put an asterisk by this bullet point. Whatever you publish will be viewed by existing customers and potential new customers. Do you want to send out inaccuracies and damage your credibility or start strong with authenticity backed by sources and verifications?

Who are your sources? Are they trustworthy? Are they respected? Share the love! The more you can verify the topics you discuss with links, the better your content will rank in the eyes of your audience. Speaking of ranks, be aware that linking to other content sources help search engines better understand your content. That’s a plus when people search for similar content!

6. Create Engaging, Thought-Provoking Content

You can engage your audience in many ways. One of the best ways is to have leave-behinds, either tangible or intangible. End your content in a way that leaves viewers or readers thinking and wanting to engage for more. Go back to the beginning for a moment and think of how you read a blog post. The rst few sentences are critical and impressionable. Write your first few sentences to keep readers reading.

7. Stay Visual

Use everything you can at your disposal such as infographics, photos, pictures, videos, or diagrams–anything to help you get your message across to your audience.

8. Be Short. Be Direct.

Readers want to get to the point of your content quickly. Don’t make your blog or article look longer and impressive by adding filler. Your audience will see it and click o your page. Quantity is helpful for SEO and rankings. Quality is more sought after for the long-term. Build a quality body of work rather than throwing content at the wall to see what sticks.

9. Make Continual Updates

This one needs no introduction except one major bullet-point: The more consistent you are with your content, the more consistently your audience will consume your words.

Thank you for your attention!

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