Let’s assume you already have an idea of what you want to write about. When moving forward with that idea, we want to make sure it’s worth pursuing. The following questions will help you determine your answer.

Does it answer a question or solve a problem? This may sound like common sense but should always be the first rule of thumb: virtually all of your topics must solve a problem or answer a question that your intended audience is confronting. They’re coming to you for the same reason you came here today: Because they need help with a specific challenge, and they’re hoping you can provide it.

"relatable content with Erik Remmel" Is it a topic your readers are currently dealing with? I don’t mean to suggest that only topics of the broadest interest are worth pursuing. On the contrary, that will limit your range of potential subjects and soon your content will get tediously repetitive. Niche topics absolutely have their place. But, obviously, the more people who are dealing with the question you’re answering, the broader your potential audience. During the writing process, keep in mind your target audience and how you can be relatable to them.

Does your topic address an emerging issue in your industry? A lot of the best content addresses topics that have recently caught the reader’s attention. Check the internet for topics in your industry. Look into trade journals, subscribe to newsletters and attend networking events. I tend to find great information on LinkedIn groups and discussions. The most important thing to do is keep up with your customers and potential clients by listening to their questions and conversations you have with them. If you know what your customers are thinking about then you are one step ahead of the game.

Is the topic new to you and haven’t seen it anywhere else? Answering questions that no one else is will help make your website a more vital resource to your readers and potential customers. Try searching your topic idea online. If they’re topics that Google has mentioned than you can be pretty sure that it is a topic of interest but everybody already knows about it. However, if you find a lot of items that are in the same subject but exactly the same then you’ll know you are on to something. Try to bring something new to your version, but remember that there is very little entirely unique in the world.

Do you know anything on the topic you are actually writing about?  Now, don’t get me wrong: sometimes you have to develop content that’s outside your comfort zone. If you do need to do some research then make sure you cite your sources. There’s plenty of information to gather that relates to your subject. Remember that demonstrating your expertise is a major reason why you’re doing content-driven marketing in the first place. If your company isn’t really an expert in a given area, then why are you writing about it?

Thank you for your attention!