The thought of hiring a media firm to handle personal and/or business social media content is still a stretch for some people. They are entitled to their opinion after all. Two thirds of skeptics from a recent online study believe an increase in in-house marketing will continue to grow in the future. The remaining third of marketers believe outsourcing with grow.

We ask you: why should a company or brand outsourcing its social media? We give you five compelling reasons why its time to rethink the old headlines!


1. A valuable outsider’s perspective

When your marketing is handled in-house, you risk becoming too introspective. If someone outside your organization posts for you, they have an outside perspective on your company. No one knows your company and it’s mission better than you, it’s important to have that outside perspective, if not multiple perspectives. Four eyes are better than two, but six are better than four.

2. Advanced expertise

A true, professional social media agency will know more about every platform than you can imagine. Their job is to stay current with trends, rules, laws and anything tied to posting public content for social engagement. Adwords engineers and SEO experts are the same way. Hiring an agency doesn’t mean you should “DIY” in addition. Social media managers live and breathe Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat, etc.; you live and breathe your business. Do what you do best and pharm out the rest!

3. No more neglect

When customer issues surprise you or deadlines sneak up on you, marketing will be most certainly moved to the back burner. Social media is the first to go when things hit the fan! It’s critical to maintain a presence whether the sun shines on your business or the storm strikes. If you can’t handle everything at once, invest in outsourcing to experts so you can maintain focus on the key elements that hold up your business.

4. Competitor insights

An solid social media agency should provide you with information about competitors within the same industry or space as you. Like bloodhounds, they should seek out trends to give you or your company advantages over others.

5. A Win-Win Scenario

If your social media company also handles your content marketing then you’ve found yourself a strong partnership. If not, you’ll need to ensure that all your content is posted smoothly across your platforms. Take note that many companies choose to hire someone in-house to handle this. Yet, it may be less expensive to find the right agency to handle both content creation and social media posting campaigns together such as LIMG.

Moreover, the relationship with your agency must be long and meaningful; both sides must communicate for your campaign to be a success. Regular meetings and approvals will ensure your message is reaching your audience on the right platforms, with the right context and at the right times.

Thank you for your attention!

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