Many marketing challenges face small businesses; one of the most important challenge to overcome is standing out from the crowd. Businesses must put their best foot forward to attract their ideal customer. Differentiation is paramount to winning in business today.

When someone asks why you are different, do you answer with confidence? Does he or she know you have their best interests at heart? Can they then pass along your message to others with the clear point about why you are different? Differentiating your business means making yourself memorable and valuable by executing the following tips!

Narrow the target market – Go for the niche! By specializing, you’re able to provide a solution to your unique customer base. A focused market equals stronger, quality relationships. Four quarters are better than 100 pennies. And speaking of focus…

Focus on superior customer service – The experience your customers have will propel or repress your credibility and fast. You should treat every customer you earn as your first and only customer.

Become an expert – Providing content from your industry to your client base will build reputation and improve your credibility. The best news is you have an arsenal of tools to use: books, Medium blogs, YouTube videos, tweets and Pinterest pins to name a few. We can already tell you customers want to work with the best of the best. Now, become the best of the best!

Be innovative – When you stop trying to improve yourself or the user experience, you will start dying. Find the edge over the competition. Get to the solution faster or in a more memorable way so customers talk about your business. What makes your business different?

Thank you for your attention!

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